Lauren McLaughlin - Create PT Wealth Master Business Coach

Meet Lauren McLaughlin

Originally from Sydney now on the Gold Coast where she currently works and lives, Lauren McLaughlin has been involved within personal development & business for over 20 years.

This significant and rich background has allowed her to develop a set of valuable skills and know how:
– a great addition to an authentic and easy-going personality. As business and personal development coach Lauren has the skills and knowledge to understand and connect with people on a genuine and deep level.

Lauren has travelled extensively throughout the world, working with many entrepreneurs and business executives alike, striving to help them make the best out of their full potential and their endeavours.

Her approach is direct and to the point: Lauren’s goal is to help her clients become more aware about themselves and their innate strengths as a means to create success in all areas of life. How do you achieve happiness, success and prosperity in life and at work? Ultimately, it does not matter what type of business you run: Awareness is always going to be the most important concept: you need to know where you are and where you are going in order to get what you want!

Coaching style

Lauren’s approach is genuine and unique: you truly get the full package. This is a woman who is arguably extremely passionate about her work and about helping people in the process to achieve their dreams! Focusing on strengths and solution based coaching ensures personal growth and self awareness enabling you to take action on your goals and achieve your desired outcomes.

Lauren boasts a significant professional and educational background, as well as a fondness for
meaningful art and literature. She finds inspiration and enjoyment in books such as 7 Strategies for
Wealth & Happiness (Jim Rohn) and The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle), as well as from influential
feature films The Untouchables, Crash & The Matrix just to name a few.


  • MBusCoach (Master of Business Coaching – University of Wollongong)
  • Post Graduate Business Coaching
  • Diploma Holistic Counselling
  • Certificate IV Small Business Management
  • Personal Development courses – various


Working on a long term project like a novel requires application and self-belief. Following through on the goal of publication requires planning and persistence and the ability to connect with and collaborate with industry partners.

Creative work is a very personal and often isolating experience; in my own efforts to become a committed and successful writer I’ve found the help of a qualified coach to be a valuable source of support and motivation.

I began working with Lauren McLaughlin three years ago after the completion of my first novel to help clear some blocks I had in taking steps toward publication. We worked not only on practical planning and goal setting but on personal issues of self-sabotage and fears of success. Having regular sessions with Lauren during the process of securing an agent, doing extensive rewrites to improve the work and enduring the frustration of the extended waiting periods that are part of the business enabled me to maintain my focus and equilibrium.

Lauren’s ability to positively reinforce my belief in my skills and to help me identify my own strengths and weaknesses, and her expertise in counselling me about the deeper issues and patterns that affect my success have helped me enormously in crafting an approach to my writing and goals that works for me.

The thing I most appreciate about working with Lauren is knowing that I have someone in my corner who ‘gets me’ understands my aims and wants them almost as much as me.

Jane Jago, Writer and Editor

I have known Lauren McLaughlin for approximately 5 years and I must say it has been a pleasure. Lauren is a very special, unique individual with so much knowledge about business and personal development.

She is always so interesting to listen to in a varied range of topics. A much evolved human being that has compassion for everyone and who always wants the very best for each and every individual.

Lauren is the ultimate professional. She is a gifted Coach any very experienced in helping others achieve results.

Ron McDiarmid, CEO and Co-Founder at My Healthy Living Coach
If I am going to set my boat a sail into the sea, I had best be prepared for unpredictable outcomes and distorted realities. Big voices with loud outcomes and Hollywood dreams, the taste of bitter sweet symphonies of the believers, dreamers and flip out phonies who will turn you in for a piece of baloney.
Life, business, relationships and sometimes the most predictable situations can change before our eyes and leave us scrambling to adjust for change. I’ve been fortunate to have Lauren by my side over the past six years. She has helped me navigate the tough waters of business and provided me with a second set of eyes, lateral thinking, confidence and genuine intuition. Lauren is filled with a wealth of experience and business acumen and is able to change a convoluted situation into a simple and quick resolution. Thanks for being there for me Lauren


Greg Gilliland

Greg Gilliland, CEO & Founder Thirsty World Health & Crafty Elk