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How Will 2018 Be Different In Your Fitness Business?

Welcome again to 2018. Hope those who are back at work are having a great, a great start. I certainly am being back this week and loving it. Now look the topic for today is how will be any different than last year before. Now if you’re a solo business operator, it’s just you and you wear all the hats, you’re the trainer ,you’re the marketing department, you’re the sales person, you’re the admin person, there’s a lot of hats to wear and also if it’s just you and your support network and you don’t really have that business coach, mentor, you’re not in a community of other like-minded experts then, you know you’re going to be even more diligent about making sure that you’re setting yourself up for a successful year. Now in terms of success, what is that for you? Well it’s different for everybody. Now one thing that I would recommend is that have you actually taken the time to stop and review your 2018.

One of the things that I person like to do is that the goals that I’d set for last year, is to review them and go, which goals did I achieve, which goals didn’t achieve, and then ask myself some really you know, honest questions. Why didn’t they transpire? Why it didn’t happen? Was there not enough real desire, drive, emotion to it? Did allow other things get in the way that stopped it? And you know, really how serious was I about achieving those goals in first place? So, I think it’s always important. Hey Vic! I think it’s always important to firstly review what has just been and so reviewing the year before and you really get some great insights into yourself, into some of your habits, your traits, and maybe beliefs as well because if you set some goal of last year and that you didn’t achieve them, hey that’s cool just look at get the learning from that while I was at the case. Did I go close to it? Did I even start? Did I write the goal and that was at the end of it? Or I didn’t put any weekly processes as a place? What was it? So first just take the time to stop and review if you haven’t already. The next part is to set yourself up successfully for. You know put yourself in a position to win. So, my hope is that if you are and running your business that you’ve actually set some financial target firstly. So, you know you obviously got a lifestyle that you want to provide yourself with, maybe your family if you’ve got a family. You know what does the business actually need to reward you with financially, knowing well and truly that you know, we’re going to deliver a service and then a you know a product that goes way beyond that as well so that’s a win-win, but you need to look at what would I want to achieve. Now I’m happy just to drift through and just cross the fingers and hope for the best. Is that my plan for the if I just ran the hope plan, hope it all goes well I could do last year again or do you actually want to drive this ship you actually want to steer it in the direction that you wanted to because it’s not so much about achieving the goal that’s important, it’s who you become the process that’ll be with you forever. So, you set the goals and targets in order for you to step up, in order to use it grow and develop and be different.
Now if you don’t, you just will be the same version of yourself two years on the track, three years on the track, four years on the track five years on track. Now if you’re okay with that, then you don’t need to watch any more of this video because I’m only speaking to the people actually are interested in growing, developing, professionally, and personally. So, when I leave the planet, they can look back and go, “Wow every year I grew and developed”. There’s people have been driving for thirty years but they’re terrible drivers, they’ve been terrible drivers for years though they’ve been doing it for a long time but you’ve been doing a badly for a long time.

So, my point here is if you’re on this planet, you get one opportunity to transcend and grow in about every year, to see when you’re really capable of what is your full potential. And so, we need to set the goals and targets to make sure that we’re going to move ourselves forward. Now, again if you’re a solo business operator, there’s only just you involve the business, it can be challenging because it’s easy to hide, it’s easy to get off track, it’s easy to bullshit yourself, it’s easy to think you’re doing a good job, because there’s nothing in place to really pull you up when you’re not. When you’re sitting at home and you know there’s something that you really need to be doing but yeah you know you’re watching a movie or you’re goofing off or you think I’m over quick to sleep. I’m tired. You know that’s you, it’s only you that is watching yourself do that. Now you know I always say put yourself in position to win.
So, first thing, review last year, see what you can learn from it, how are you gonna be different in, set some goals and targets around a balanced area of your life. When I say balanced area, set goals and targets throughout all your life. Not just business, not just financial, maybe you’re a father, you have a goal for that, you’re a partner, you know, you’re in a relationship, your own health and fitness. Make sure it’s really well and duly balanced. So, set those goals and targets and set them up so you know you’re gonna have to strive to develop some new habits or trades and that’s the part that once you set your goals and targets, have an honest look at them and say, “What is my honest emotional response to achieving this?” Have I got some doubt of us and fear, is their excitement? And you know you really want to like get an honest insight right now to achieving that goal because maybe you know, you set them way too big you know and that’s what you’ve done in the past. The pattern is that I don’t anything New Year’s comes around I said, “Great goal” that gives me all pumped up. I get a brief moment excitement and then what I’ve noticed is that the very next day, next week, next month, I just fall back into old habits and I don’t do any to really action it on a day-to-day basis so, that would be the next thing that I would look and explore it.

Then once you’ve set those goals and targets in place and I believe I posted yesterday my guidelines for how to have a set goal setting, someone go into that in this video. Make sure you read that though. Have some really great information on how to set goals effectively and correctly, in my opinion and my experience. So, the next thing that is you know to be out of action that so, what am I going to do, what habits, and new traits do I need to develop myself. So, what I mean by that is if every year you were to instill in yourself to new empowering habits that were we’re going to help towards achieving the goals, that would be my recommendation. Then the five years’ time, you’re gonna have tenure empowering habits. Now a lot of people go, I’ve got a bad habit this, I procrastinate, I put things off too long. Well they’re their habits that you’ve had from a child that you’ve just been running with all this time and so work maybe relies the kid but doesn’t work so hot as an adult. And so maybe you go, look what I know this in myself one of the one of my behaviors I want really like to change is that I do I just wait way too long, I leave things to the last minute, I put it off, put it off, it causes me stress, anxiety and then I finally do something and then it’s too late. So maybe you go one of the habits I’m gonna work consistently on to help achieve these goals is becoming a person of action. So, I’m gonna take actions right away, I’m gonna become more proactive and that’s one thing I’m gonna work on. Then you look at how do I do that daily? What are these little things that I can do? Little tasks, activities that gonna help instill that and so it’s not good just go on, “Yeah, yeah I’m gonna become more an action taker” and then again just walk off. It’s like well how you gonna actually physically train into yourself. When you got a gym program, you have put on strength, you want to get stronger, you have a program you follow. There’s a daily and weekly structure that you have to achieve the goal. So same in this area, and there is area of your life it’s like, “Alright well how am I gonna do that?” Now I remember working with a client many-many years ago that was very passive, they were like the big problem was not speaking up, not asking for what they wanted and a classic example was we put on this thing called the ‘Asking Program’ because she’d be at a restaurant as an example and you know, they may be of stuck her in a table that didn’t have a good view and she wanted this really one of this table over here and she wouldn’t even ask, she wouldn’t ask for it because of the fear of speaking up and being ignore just too great, something she learned from a kid so, we had a like just doing little things like, okay when you go out if you feel like that’s in that case you need to speak up and say look I’ve liked that table over there, that’s what I want to sit up. Regardless if she got the yes or no whatever it was more important that she learned to ask. So, that’s one way we’re on a daily process, how do you get this habit ingrained into yourself and in my opinion, you, a person that works from the inside out it’s going to be more successful. So, the person that goes, “If I get these habits and traits and like (realistically only gonna be able to work on two every year, that’s it) If I can really develop these two areas of myself, spend time, energy, effort, learning the that particular method, modeling of others, putting some time, that I know the results for achieving these goals are going to come easily. Otherwise what you’re see is your keeps hitting the same goals and targets year in, year out, never got closer to achieving them and you go, what’s the missing component? We’ll go, the missing component is that you know I just don’t take enough action, I put things off, you know, I’m too afraid the act what I want. That’s the issue to achieving the goal, not the goal. Say, you’re not capable doing it, you may do what it is that you don’t have you haven’t got ingrained that habit that’s going to help you to achieve it. Now I very rarely seen anyone achieved the ultimate goals they want if they don’t have the ability to speak up and asks what they want or they don’t have the ability to be assertive, it just doesn’t happen, you know. The person who sits back and watch the world go by you know, hoping it falls in a lap, they’re not gonna achieve their goal so we do have to stop and go, what are the habits behaviors that we need to instill in ourselves to make sure that we’re gonna achieve our goals.

Alright well that’s my little tip for today. I would really stop and you know take the time if you haven’t already to do those few simple things, your future self will be thanking you for it but again you don’t need take on this advice you don’t go and do all those things if you know, achieving greatness in and moving yourself for is important. If it’s not and you have it adrift by, that’s okay as well, well then you wouldn’t do any of that stuff and you wouldn’t time energy in it. Alright, have a great rest of the other week and look forward to more live videos real soon.

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