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Why Did You Get Into Business For?

Good morning from the Caloundra, Sunshine Coast. Just up here commenced holidays just yesterday and the one good thing about taking the holidays is that you have time to plenty time to reflection and not that you shouldn’t do it anyway or could do it throughout the course of the year but it is a great time and that led between today’s video and that is you know, why did you get into business now? At our two-day day business mastery workshops, so we run throughout the year it’s one of the first questions we ask and I really get fascinated with people’s responses to why did they get in the business you know. For some people it’s just got sick of working for a boss you know felt like they weren’t making the difference, I wanted to choose our own hours, for some people it’s a combination of all those things, wanted to increase the ability to make the income they had while making a difference.

So, I guess the point of the video today is to really stop and go, “Why is it that you’ve got in the business? Now, some of us got into business by accident, some get into the business you know, out of just frustration, but it is important question to answer and if I look back when I first started you know in my s why I got in the business, it’s dramatically different today. Priorities change, family, lifestyle changes and so one thing I could encourage everybody is when you do look at why you got into business for is really stopping out and ask yourself that question. The next thing to look at is you know, ideally is when you do get in the business out, there are some key things we need to understand and things like holidays, like I’m talking about now it’s like you know right now is the perfect time to look at for. When are you take a break?

Now if you don’t put that in right now before the year starts, chances are that you could just forget about it or it become the last thing on your agenda. So, for myself personally I know already that I was having this time off. Now letting in before Christmas had a week off, for going into. At the end of January, I’m taking two weeks off. I’m going to Brazil in June halfway through for me personally I like to work you know, go for it for six months and then after the financial year I like to take a couple of weeks off to make sure I recharge because it’s the end of the financial year then I’m going to stop and reset and go again so I’ve really booked in the time the way there. So, there’s two weeks off at that point. So, it is important that if you don’t put that stuff in to your you know your agenda your calendar at the start of the year, the chances are you could just get missed so I would really encourage you to do that, firstly. Hey Kelly happy, merry Christmas to you as well, good to have you on.

The next part is to make sure that you are setting your financial targets as well because I’m sure your lifestyle that you want to maintain. Now, I hear way too many people in small businesses, personal training businesses, say, “I’m not in it for the money” You could be very careful about that mantra that you use so we all I understand I get it that you know people’s main agenda may not to be make money however, that’s not a good mantra to walk around saying because money is a fact of life you do need it to live your lifestyle, pay your mortgage, go on holidays, provide a family and lifestyle that you want for your family so we’re going to be careful we don’t just use that terminology and if you don’t have a financial target in place, how do you know what you’re going to do for your business? How many clients you need a service, how many sessions you do, your charge out rates, all those things. So, I think it’s just that sometimes a throwaway line that in this culture we can get into about I’m not in for the money and it’s and I obviously understand that it’s more about what do you want for your lifestyle. So, the second tip is to really stir down a go what does the business need to provide you for your lifestyle? So, create your lifestyle first and make the business fit you. Now I’m not asking anybody else to subscribe to that that belief or that opinion that I have but it’s one that’s worked very well for me and many others is to look at you know I can create a business that just consumes my life and takes over and I’m working all these hours for what or I can go right this is a lifestyle that I want every week I’m gonna have you know I want to have four weeks off a year, I want to work these hours you know, I want to have this type of experience, I want to live in this type of house, all those things. If you don’t plan that stuff out it’s very hard then to make the business match it.

So always designed your lifestyle first and look at what is this business of mine need to provide me and then next is over them get into you know creating the rule values and culture of your business. So, with the business myself, what are the key values that we hold? So, for someone who joins team what is it about Create PT Wealth that we that we embrace. Have fun, people first, always strive to be better. What are the key values then your clients can really appreciate take on board as well. So that’s the next part of why did you get in business is then really look at what is the motto for your business, what is the culture trying to create, and what is the impact you want to have on in the community. So, you know business can be one of those things we just get into we start there’s so many self-employed people running their own business that you know wonder why they struggle because if we don’t do these key things first, we don’t really take the time to consider what are we in business for, what it needs to provide you, then it can just take over and consume ourselves.

So those few little tips of you know of health in some way you know it is coming in to the end of. Now is the time if you haven’t done already is to really sit down and really assess some of these things for. Some of the questions I like to ask is, what did we do it really well in, what could we improve and done better, you know what were the things that we set out to tree that we didn’t? And take the time to assess why is that did we just overestimate, did we try to do too many things, do we put habits, what habits do we need to embrace in, and make sure we achieve the goals. All these things these better questions will lead to better answers in. So, take the time now, take the time before new year and Chrissie. In the new year to really set yourself up for a successful.

Again, it’s been absolute pleasure you know having you all, those who’ve been following us by our podcasts, our Facebook Life channels, email, news list, all those things. It’s been an absolute pleasure to provide this content, education to you. So, thanks for tuning in. Now I’m going to get back to my holiday and you know we’re gonna do some more live videos throughout the course of the next coming week. So, have a great day, great rest of the week.

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