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It isn’t good enough to be a good personal trainer these days to ensure you have a successful business. 

Are you prepared to let the lack of business knowledge, support & systems keep you from building a successful business? I’m assuming if you are reading this, then the answer is NO!

What does this mean for you?

We’ve got a solution to your volatile & unpredictable business right here and you are one small step away.

If you are seriously interested in obtaining the confidence to have a business with predictable profit growth for the short, medium and long term, this is for you.

Lack of knowledge and coaching often spells the difference between failure and success

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Why Most Fitness Business Fail And What To Do About It?

Nobody starts a business wanting it to fail. Especially considering all the hard work, risk and money it can take to get a business off the ground.

Here are some of the most common reasons why Fitness Businesses Fail

1. Lack of business experience.
2. Lack of business knowledge.
3. Lack of effective systems.
4. No sales solution system or acquit sales skills.
5. Lack of marketing knowledge and or marketing plan.
6. No customer care system for retaining clients.
7. No business plan or clear vision for an end goal.
8. No professional or personal development coaching.

What does this mean for you?

Don’t wait for your business to be in big trouble before you take action.

We often hear personal trainers say the following, in regards to their business education.

“My business is going along pretty good right now, I don’t think I really need to spend time educating myself about how to improve my business“

Below are the main areas that we provide solutions, support and accountability in for Fitness Professionals. 

Have A Clear Vision & Business Plan:

Learn how to effectively plan every detail of your business to reach your goals and targets effectively.
Understand the process of effective planning so it becomes easy now and in the future.
Set realistic and attainable revenue, net profit and personal income targets for many years to come.
Be 100% focused and clear on what activities you need to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Develop Work Priorities That Equal Success:

Learn exactly what you need to do, when it comes time to work ON your business
Develop a system to know what tasks you need to do and which ones are most essential to your success.
Have laser focus and enhanced Time Management Skills.

Plan Small Business Finances:

Understand exactly what the figures mean in your business & what it takes to increase profit consistently
Learn how to calculate GST, Tax, Expenses, Profits and Wages with easy-to-understand formulas
Look at your business from an entirely different perspective, so the accounting side is stress free

Establish Legal And Risk Management Requirements Of Small Business:

Understand your obligations when it comes to the formal requirements and documentation that is required in running your business.
Make sure that you aren’t exposed in your business for any nasty surprises.
Implement all necessary systems and documentations that not only shows your professionalism, but is a way to safe guard your business.

Action An Effective Marketing Plan For Your Business:

You are in the business of “Marketing your Fitness Business” and the best marketers have the most success in business
Understand the theory and principles of effective marketing, and then put that new learning into place with total confidence.
Learn the methods on how to position yourself as the obvious best choice in your gym or local area over your competition.
Understand How To Get Noticed with your marketing and force people to pay attention.
Use Hypnotic Marketing to not only get noticed, but then have people excited and motivated to contact you.
You need to be able to generate an abundance of consistent leads coming into your business weekly, regardless if you need more clients today or not.

Present A Sales Solution System For Potential Clients:

Have a system that enables you to convert 9 out of every 10 prospects into paying clients.
Take the sales out of selling so you don’t feel like a sales person.
Have a system for selling programs and an end benefit as opposed to selling single sessions.
Design your sales presentation to run a potential client through.
Use direct debit in your sales presentation to make it a no brainer for clients to use instead of cash.
Develop an effective guarantee that takes away the risk for a potential client getting started. And I don’t mean a boring and meaningless guarantee that everybody uses.

Client Retention & Client Journey Experience:

Design your complete customer care system to increase value to your service and reduce client drop out rate.
Have a predictable system to track & deliver your customer care system.
Understand the lifetime value of a client and what this means in terms of increased profits.

How To Grow & Manage A Team:

Discover what it takes to hire your first team member, then build a team of PT’s that helps deliver passive income
Learn the step-by-step process and proven system on how to hire great staff and also how to outsource saving you both time and money
Get your hands on the procedures, systems and processes to run a successful company
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