Toni Reinikainen

Unsure of what career path I wanted to embark on after finishing high school it felt like a natural transition to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. After all I was very athletic and good at sports so I assumed I would be a good personal trainer. I spent many years completing formal education and applying my craft and educating myself on all things business. With zero dollars in savings and a great idea, I managed to open up my first PT studio within a local high school who put up $30,000 to fit out the facility in return for me helping out the sporting teams get fit and strong. Having the right mindset will allow you to see opportunities that others will not see, this was my first lesson in turing an idea into reality with no capital. I have applied this lesson many times over the last 10 years.

Since my first studio I have successfully ran a PT company within a commercial gym with 2 contract PT’s, a large outdoor bootcamp company with over 200 boot campers and 9 contact trainers, a commercial gym with over 500 members and a private small group training company with 3 locations across Melbourne focused on developing strength and power. I have been able to do this without outlaying large sums of hard earned cash, just by seeing an opportunity that others cannot see. 

It was never easy to build and develop each business and just like you I have struggled to pay my rent and my trainers and I have worked a second job while building my business’s initially. I have had some great success within my business and even bigger failures that have taught be very valuable lessons. When I was 28 my gym was taken away from me 12 months after we opened due to circumstances that I couldn’t control which resulted in dropping over $250,000 in annual profit within a week. It would have been so easy for me to just give up, stop and go get a job and pay of my debt, instead I decided to kick on and get back into the game and further develop my strengths and weakness to allow me to build and grow a new business. 

I feel as though I have some great experiences within the fitness industry and I would love to share my knowledge and ensure you don’t make the same costly mistakes I have made in the past.  

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