Meet Luke Steiger

Luke Steiger (Master Coach)

After 4 years in the fitness industry working as a contractor Luke definitely fit the profile of the burnt out, disillusioned trainer. He knew he loved working in the fitness industry, but the long hours and lack of financial reward meant that passion was just about exhausted.

Luckily after receiving an email from CPTW and attending their 3 day workshop a turning point in his work, and his life had arrived just in time. 2 ½ years later he now runs and co-owns one of the largest and most successful PT businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Body Overhaul employs 3 trainers, runs over 100 PT sessions per week, runs a corporate program with the Sunshine Coast branch of one of Australia’s largest property development corporations (Stockland), and run a highly successful 8 week challenge system that provides a regular source of passive income.

“CPTW showed me that no matter how good you are as a trainer, without the correct business knowledge, and more importantly the mindset to put that knowledge into action, you are doomed to failure. CPTW is all about empowering trainers to make a real difference to the health of our society, while being able to live a phenomenal life at the same time. Too many good trainers are lost to our industry because they never really understand the key principles to run a profitable business, and that you don’t have to be a burnt out wreck with no life balance to succeed”.

Luke achieved such phenomenal change in just 2 years in the program, that the transition to becoming a coach with CPTW was a natural progression. “The personal development alone that I achieved with the program is worth 100x what I paid to be part of the internship. I am eager to share my experience and knowledge as a successful business owner with other trainers and am truly passionate about taking our industry to a new level of success, and I truly believe that the CPTW system is a massive part of achieving that”.

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