Meet Gary Wagner

Gary Wagner

Growing up Gary Wagner couldn’t imagine that he would have a successful career in health, fitness and education, in fact growing up he had no idea where life would lead him at all.

It wasn’t until his early twenties when we was waylaid by chronic back pain that he gained a personal insight into the positive impact the right kind of movement could have on a person’s immediate and future health. He made it his mission to help as many people as possible discover that they too had control over their bodies and their own lives.

In 2005 Gary made the full time leap into the fitness profession full time, selling out his bootcamp and PT programs, expanding both his programs and his team to multiple locations, and winning a national award in his first year of business.

The learning curve was steep as he continued to develop in the school of hard knocks and he learnt that there was much more to running a business than he ever expected, as the years progressed Gary realised he wasn’t the only passionate professional to experience these challenges as he saw many other businesses fall away.

After 7 years of running his business full-time and training thousands of people, Gary made the move into education in order to take the next step in his own career and professional development.

By helping people entering the industry to be more educated and aiding their long-term success it would  in turn help more people with their personal fitness journey increasing the positive impact he could have. This dedication again saw him rise through the ranks and awarded for his work.

Gary still keeps fitness clientele to this day and has risen to several key positions within the fitness industry educating both current and future fitness professionals to an ever higher standard

He authentically cares for peoples success, is relatable and easy-going, whilst having a direct and to the point approach.

Loving the win-win result Gary will focusing on facilitating your strengths and solution enabling your ability to leverage and draw on resources to achieve success.

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