Meet Ben Dulhunty

Ben Dulhunty
Ben Dulhunty

After 15 years in the Fitness Industry I decided it was time for me to give back, and what better way
than to share the stuff I have learned along the way. Starting out at 19 years old in this great industry, I was very green and raw (as we all are). Learning the ropes and working with some of the
best in the industry, I gained the confidence to start my first PT business at 21, then opened my own PT Studio at 24, a corporate Company at 28, and in between managed to get married and have 3 amazing daughters. I’ve made some huge mistakes in my businesses along the way but have learned valuable lessons from them and bounced back even better. As the cliché goes, if I knew then what I know now, I would have been there in half the time!

It was my goal early on to be able to support my family financially but also be there for the
important things in our family life, and I worked hard early on to make that possible now. There is no rule that says you have to work long hours to be successful and have the things in life you really want. Work smarter, stay focussed and stick to the vision – it can happen!

Are you a fitness professional who spends lots of time “IN” your business? Do you also find it difficult to understand why you’re not making more profit when you are so busy? Are you constantly failing to keep good staff? I was once like you…struggling to make a profit, spending ALL my time at the studio, and didn’t know how anything was going to change.

In 3 short years, I went from a sole trading business to running a team of 6 trainers in my own Studio. I turned my struggling PT Studio into a very profitable and well systemized business which makes me money even when I’m out doing the things I love. I only work 10 hours in the studio now while my other staff manage the day to day operations. The Studio makes more money now with me not in it than it did when I was doing 40 hour weeks. At CPTW, we have the tools and the expertise to show you how to get to this point in your business career too – in a fraction of the time it took me!

I can show you how to produce a successful sales system to attract long term clients, how to build a strong team culture, identify and retain key clients, and manage a winning team of trainers who make your life easy! I decided to support fitness professionals because I believe if we can bring a network of people together in supporting success, we create a win for positively changing the health of the nation, a win for our profession, and a win for the business we are supporting.

My vision is to support as many fitness professionals as possible, helping to manage their business so that they can have it running independently of them being in it. I’m super excited about this next chapter with CPTW – helping people like you do what I’ve done, and better!

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