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Hey! Tada! Awesome, awesome. Well, as the title said, come December 7th and 8th, it will be our 100th 2-day Business Mastery Workshop. How do we do it? We’re gonna get those things, streamers and everything.  It’s gonna be exciting. Cupcakes, balloons and sparklers the whole bit. But what we want to do today is, not many people know the history of you know how we all started. Too much? It’s a little bit distracting. But we did start way back in 2008, Brad and I got together, we’ve been in the industry for 22 years. And as business partners. Business partners just to clear that up, not that there’s anything wrong with anything else. I’m not trying to say that. You know what they say, you don’t get your meat where you do get your bread, do you? Yeah well, we’re gonna eventually get to the point of the story if we stop distracting ourselves.

Good day, Glen good time to tune in mate because we stopped with all the bullshit so.

We’re getting to the nuts and guts already unlikely. So, 10 years ago we started Create PT Wealth primarily because we saw a lot of our friends, a lot of colleagues dropping out of the industry. Not because they weren’t good at what they did they just struggled with the business side of it. And I was saying to Brad, there’s no real structure you know when you are struggling in the fitness industry. And we got together and we said, “Look, based on our experience, based on our success we’ve had, what if we were to structure a 12-month program? That you know, really help people fill in the blanks for people in the fitness industry.”. And I mean, primarily I know myself. I know you when we got qualified and went out there and started working we were shocked by the lack of experience in sales, marketing lead generation, systems. It’s just not how you do run a business. And so that’s how it formed we ran our very first event in 2008.

I think that first event in Brisbane, we had about 50, 60 people turn up and it was after the event we said, look we really think there’s you know there’s some merit in that, in running these events ongoing. I mean the feedback was great and we ran our very first internship program. Probably we had about 20 people, I believe. They want to sign up for it and I look back at that pivotal time and it was, it was because of that success that we started to continue on. At that time, you had Peak Physique running I’d be on Success running and we didn’t really need to do Create PT Wealth. But as our love affair of helping other fitness professionals it grew and grew and grew and you know is what about three years in I think to the business that we really decided to you know become full-time with it and you know since then it’s obviously developed.

Hey Shaun, how are you going? good to have you join us -Hi Shaun, how are you bud?

We just wanted to share a little bit about our story because we know that if you’re new to Create PT Wealth, you don’t know a lot about you’ve seen us probably on Facebook, you might want to know our history. Yeah so you know when like Jason said, 2008 where we kicked off like at that time I’d been in the industry already for twelve years you know kicked off as a PT we both did twenty-two years ago. So, we’ve been in the game a very long time and even at twelve years into the game when we launched Create PT Wealth I have a lot personal trainers people that I knew that were great technicians who were knocking on my door saying to me,

“How did you hire your first trainer? how did you build a team of thirteen personal trainers? How did you increase your charge out rate? How did you do all this stuff? “ because you know I saw trainers back then that were just frustrated they couldn’t you know, couldn’t figure out this stuff knew that there was possibly a way to do it. But weren’t really sure how to do it and it’s like Jason you know, you pretty much came to me with a business idea. We’ve known each other for well over you know, come up to 30 years now and the idea to me was the guy, hey man there’s a space in the market and I knew people were knocking on my door. And it’s like well let’s come and deliver a solution for them. Hence the reason we put this program together. And you know what we’ve seen in that time, like Jason said the first part of our journey together in form of the business was we still had our other business running successfully and I was like well, this was an initially a sideline project and then we started to see the momentum. We started to see what this business was capable of doing and the lives that was capable of changing.

So, we’ve had the privilege now running our own successful fitness businesses. You owned a gym, you moved into the life coaching space, we’ve seen this transformation of lives. But now, this ripple effect that we get to see where our mission becomes way bigger than me turning up and training someone and getting them in shape which is a great thing, number one. But now, what we get to do is educate fitness businesses like yourself, you go out there you impact more people’s lives, you hire personal trainers, you build a team. They impact more people’s lives and this thing just moves on and on. And it really fulfills our mission of being able to change more people’s lives and feel very honored and privileged to be able to do that. So, ten years ago our first event whether we ran two that year. Next year we branched into Sydney and one in Melbourne So, the first three, four years we’re really limited with the amount of events we’ve that we put together.

So, it’s been really last you know probably four years have we ramped it up and so for us to meet now celebrating a 100th two-day Business Mastery Event is quite special. We’ve had thousands of people come through that program over the course of the year. You know little did we know back then what was going to morph into. And you know, these days we have a team of ten coaches that then for people attend out two days seminar they go on and do our thirteen-month rather coach or internship program. To help really provide the curriculum the education and the support and you know ten years later, we must be doing something right if you know we keep having that grow and grow.

So, I started with Brad and like ten years ago, just the two of us eventuated to now we’ve got a team, persons about fourteen and fifteen staff that help run and deliver our service to really impact others in their business. And we’ve now seen you know so many of our students come through, learn the business acronym get the confidence, build team, provide more opportunities, work opportunities For Brett Campbell, that’s one of those particular individuals that come through the program and it’s just gone on to do bigger and better things himself.

And you know this is the type of experience and we love to see. So, our impact what was of a very, I guess back ten years ago it was just of our nature wanted to help. And like anything could do when your passions there you’ve got a love affair with it then it morphs into something bigger. But not sure about Brad but you know, I couldn’t really imagine being here. We just kept you know adding value doing better and better each year. So here we are our hundredth events later. Yeah that’s cool. Look here our office is full of you know targets people come through our program. Our program sign-ups every year we have 120 plus people come to our higher-level coaching internship programs and so forth. And you know it just absolutely blows us the way that to see the level that clients of ours are achieving. And what they’re doing and the type of results that they’re producing. Because you know it was though, I just love it when I see clients you know being able to overtake even what I was able to achieve at Peak Physique you know, charging for four hundred dollars per session. Having thirteen trainers, two hundred plus hours of PT a week. And now we’ve got personal trainers on our team who are turning over as much as one hundred and nineteen thousand dollars a month. You know way more than many personal trainers achieve in a whole year. You know that stuff blows me away.

We got Brett Campbell on at the moment, he’s you know gone on to running multiple businesses over the course of the time we’ve known him. And now you know just become that social media expert and now funny enough we’re working with Brett. So, Brett’s now someone that we contracted, hired to We’ve had Jacob McCuskey who’s gone on to franchises in these boot camps and he’s opened up in India. That’s just the list goes on and on. So, to be a part of, that’s great

Now, about the two-day business mastery workshop the real thinking behind it when we started was that because it was a part-time sideline project. It just made sense for us to leverage our time that we’d run these two-day events and that’s what we started with. We went on to having one program which is the internship program a mentoring program and it’s just developed over time.

But what we realized is that, that two-day business building workshop, it’s really the gateway for trainers to come in and you know we open the door and so they have a peek through the other side and see what’s actually possible and what they can achieve. And so, they spent two days with us and then they come and learn “Wow, like now that I know how to increase my sales conversions now I know how to generate leads effectively and how to convert them” and once all this stuff makes sense and you get that confidence, they go “Well, I can really see now how I can build a business beyond just myself”, get out of just having a job and you know hire other people.

And you know that’s just gone on and on so really at our business mastery, for the hundredth event, we, it is a big deal for us. And we’ve been reflecting on it for the last couple of weeks and we’d love you to be a part of it. Now while the hundredth event is going to be held in Brisbane we have got a special opportunity for not only Brisbane but because it is our hundredth event for anybody wanting to attend our ones in 2018, you’re going to be able to comment “Yes” in the comment section. And what that’ll do is send you a link to a special page where we’re running an opportunity for I think it’s the next 12 days. Where instead of paying our normal fee of $297 to attend, you’re gonna get that two-day business building mastery program for not just $97 because we really, it is a really big deal for us we’d like to once again share the possibility for you to come through and take yourself and your business to the next level. But you don’t just get the ticket, we’re also going to give you a bunch of action bonuses. So, a couple of bonuses that they’ll get. Yeah, absolutely come along to our two-day event

Victoria Loney from over in Perth, watching another one of our superstar clients. She’s been in our internship for four years and absolute dead-set champion and we’re so privileged that people like you to work with.

What do you get? Business mastery program. You attend the two-day event and our suggestion is that alone and we’re going to blow your way of two hundred ninety-seven dollars which is our normal fee. You’re going to pay a small portion that we want to deliver ten times that value to you. The bonuses that you get along with it is you normally attend the two-day event. But we’ll pass you on our full resource compendium over 20 hours of educational content, videos, audios. We want to fill your head full of the content for the great information that. You’re not only to attend the event live but you take that stuff away with you and keep reinforcing everything that you’ve learned.

And that comes with 12 CC points through Fitness Australia, so those of you who are registered through Fitness Australia, you’ll know that you’ll need to accrue twenty points every two years and we have twelve of those points available for you turning up to that event and being part of it. So, you attend the event you get the compendium of resources, twelve CC points, a copy of our number one bestselling book. Those of you who are registered through Fit Record to Fit Rec Level B certification as well. So, you know huge amounts of benefits but the bonuses, the benefits that’s great.

At the hundredth event we’ll have the streamer and whatever they call it and but we said turn up because you want to you want to take yourself and your business to the absolute next level and that’s the reason why we want to see you there because you want to make 2018 an absolutely huge success for you moving forward.

Yes, if you’ve ever hit a roadblock or you’re being stagnant or yeah you know you’re just struggling…Yeah, we’re back F you Telstra. Whatever

Now I forgot what we’re talking about. You’re talking about all the bonuses but we were saying If you’re struggling to move your business forward and you really need that help you don’t need to do it alone. We’d love to have you attend now look if you want to hear it from others, I really recommend on this page. We’ve got over 650 positive reviews of those who attended the workshop. So, it’s always nice to hear it from somebody else now. You know after ten years we I think we’ve gotten pretty good at it? I believe -so, we’ve got all the bad jokes. Self-assess but you know 100 events 10 years.

It’d be worth coming out we’re coming just to find out if we’ve just been doing a hundred of them really badly or we just actually got really good either way you won’t have a clue because it’ll be the first time saying it so you know you got nothing to lose here. Look we love to see you there you know what’s that? I was about to say Mikayla, hey. Everyone’s jumping on now it’s great.

So, look if you want to participate, you want to get along we have our two-day business master event like I said it’s our 100th on Brisbane. If you’re in Brisbane, jump along it’s only in a couple of weeks’ time or if you want to get that special offer for just only $97 where you get everything we just explained then comment “Yes” below and we’ll send you’ll get the link and you’ll be able to go that page before the offer expires. So be great to have you there and we love to have you and see you at the event. Hundredth event, balloons, streamers. And we’re all going to share one cupcake so it’s going to be outstanding.

I’m gonna hook in to those cupcakes.
-You’ll love them. Off to keto for one day. That will be your carb-loading

Yeah, I don’t want to spill out.
-Don’t spill out.

Anyway. Alright. That’s it from us. 100! Bye.

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